The problems we want to resolve:
•The player can't currently get new recruits at the start of the game, meaning losses to initial forces are devastating.
•The player cannot always get access to the classes they need to fill their roster.
•Players don't know the details about a new recruit until they're hired.
Our broad solution:
Allow players to recruit at their own base. Recruiting at the base is linked to the ELEVATOR facility (required for recruits).
•Recruits are hired with FOOD.
•Recruits can be of ANY class.
•Recruits have no equipment.
•Recruits have a random name and appearance.
•Optional: recruits can be up to level [3] (higher price).
The player has a choice of 0 to 3 recruits to hire.
Recruits are replaced every month (both type and number).
•Recruit amount is based on the number of soldiers the player has.
•Recruit faction is based on the faction and amount of Havens within range of that base.
•Recruit class is based on facilities of the specific class.
- Additionally, each time a class is skipped its chance to be selected is increased (so it is selected at some point).
Simple Implementation
•Can recruit whatever class Phoenix have unlocked.
•[1-3] Recruits show up every 3 days.
- Class random from available.
- Replaces old recruits.
- They have no equipment or armour.
•Inspect their personal traits before recruiting.
•Choose which base to deploy them.
•Add the ability to dismiss soldiers.