The problems we want to resolve:
•Haven defence missions don’t look like a battle has been taking place.
•There's little variety in scenarios with elements triggered by Geoscape state.
•There are no defenders in Havens.
Our broad solution:
Initial Destruction
•Depending on how long the battle has been raging in the Geoscape, add some destruction to the map.
•Detonate powerful explosions at a random point in the map (this happens before the mission starts and is designed not to interfere with key structures or deployment zones).
Initial Mist Blobs
•If the haven is within the mist, generate 1-3 random mist blobs.
- Pick a random location and propagate mist 3-5 times.
- Don’t allow players deployment area to be covered.
Haven Defenders
•Depending on the Geoscape strength of Haven defence, deploy 1-4 haven defenders.
•They operate as an allied force hostile to Pandorans.
- Unless haven leader hates Phoenix, in which case they are hostile to Phoenix too.
•The player can ‘recruit’ the soldier to his squad by moving next to them.
- Same mechanic as civilians.
•At the end of the battle, a surviving Haven defender may volunteer to join Phoenix.