The problems we want to resolve:
•Lair missions have a lot of complaints (mainly due to difficulty).
•Citadels also have complaints about being too easy, relative to Lairs.
•The Lair and Citadel missions are supposed to be interesting and exciting missions - the ultimate before the final mission. They need some interesting, unique features and some variety.
Our broad solution:
•Rework level design to support playability, difficulty and mission objectives.
•Improve mission design and objectives.
•Add some interesting features unique to these environments.
•Improve deployment.
- Fewer reinforcements, limit the number of Sirens.
- Place reinforcement points close to player deployment to encourage movement into the zone.
•Modify the objective.
- Destroy the Spawner with an injector bomb, then evacuate squad within the time limit (extraction point located beyond the Spawner) before Spawner explodes in poisonous viral mist.
- Hero plot for Spawner (will make the Spawner easier to see).
•Simplify the layout.
- Remove lower level pits and remove some clutter - make the maps a bit more open.
- Create some occasional cover elements to protect against Chirons.
- Place occasional sniper tower.
•Queen's throne.
- Can heal the queen
•Create more variety of layouts.
•Add destructible Spawners that can spawn 1x1 units, until destroyed.
Supplemental Ideas
•Healing pools.
- Healing pools for small aliens (destructible).
•Goo traps.
•Alien turrets (activated by proximity).