The problems we want to resolve:
•Protecting crates can feel a bit random.
- The player often does not feel rewarded for actual good gameplay, but the luck of deployment.
•Pandorans destroying crates makes some sense, but not for other factions.
•The AI does not manage target prioritisation well between attacking crates and enemies.
•The intended risk/reward balance needs improving.
•They feel like the usual ‘kill all enemies’ mission.
•Scavenging missions can get tedious and repetitive.
- They were intended as an early game source of resources, but they are actually discovered throughout the gameplay as you explore.
We have a number of broad solutions, and could possibly implement one or more of them.
Solution 1
•Soldiers need to go to crates and collect the resources from them.
- They pick up a resource item and carry it.
•They can evacuate any time with what they have.
- There are multiple evacuation points to make this easier.
•Enemies have infinite reinforcements.
•Enemies don’t attack crates.
Why these changes?
•Risk/reward balance now has player agency.
•Actually feels more like a scavenging mission.
•Makes the mission type much more distinctive.
Solution 2
•Add new mission types for scavenging sites.
•Retrieve vehicle.
- A vehicle is deployed in the level (enemies to the intruders, neutral to Phoenix).
- You must get a soldier to the vehicle to take control of it.
- Then evacuate with all soldiers (on the far side of the map).
•Rescue soldiers.
- A small group of 1-3 independent soldiers is fighting against enemy attack.
- Get to them to take direct control of them.
- Then evacuate with the whole squad.
- The soldiers join Phoenix.
Solution 3 – Upgrade Scavenging Sites
•At a certain time in the game, scavenging sites are upgraded.
•The threat level increases by 1.
•The rewards are higher.
•Add mutagen crates
•The map tilesets are different.
Solution 4
•Place crates near your soldiers’ deployment.
•Becomes a protect crates mission.
•Kill all enemies.