The problems we want to resolve:
•The lack of alien upgrades/evolution means that players can face large numbers of grunt type Pandorans.
- This doesn’t make it more challenging - just make them feel more like a grind and forces alpha strike tactics.
•Alien evolution system creates bullet spongey aliens, but without interesting new abilities.
•Players don’t have a sense of Pandorans adapting to their tactics.
Our broad solutions:
•Pandorans have their own research tree.
- Buffs to existing Pandoran archetypes.
- Unlocks new body parts.
- Unlocks new base types.
- Buffs the alien mist (Geoscape and tactical).
- Buffs alien bases.
•Research choice based on specific triggers.
- E.g. a certain number of panicked Arthrons unlocks the ‘Arthrons immune to panic’ buff.
•The player gets feedback on the Pandoran progression.
- Intelligence reports. )‘Our analysis of recent Pandoran activity shows that Chirons are now resistant to blast damage’).
- The player has access to the current list of alien research so he knows what buffs/abilities are used.
Research System
•Uses the existing faction research system.
- Priorities are assigned to each research item.
•With the addition of special triggers to unlock some of the research.
- Damage to each body part is recorded and unlocks each evolved body part.
- Suffering an amount of damage of a certain type unlocks resistance and/or immunity for specific archetypes. (E.g. fire resistance, poison resistance, paralysis resistance, immune to mind control).
- Additional abilities which create some more specialisation.
* Tritons develop increased perception, accuracy.
* Arthrons get more HPs, melee damage bonus, poison damage added to melee.
* Siren develops WP regeneration.
Mist Buffs
•Geoscape mist increases its infection rate.
- Population loss increased.
•Geoscape mist increases its Haven infiltration.
- More mist blobs generated in Haven defence missions.
•Tactical mist gains buffs.
- Increases its WP penalty.
- Adds physical damage.
- Pandorans regain HPs inside the mist.
- Pandorans regrow disabled limbs in mist.
- Pandorans get frenzied in mist.
Geoscape Buffs
•Attack strength of specific Pandoran base types increased.
•Nests develop an addition mutation type.
•Citadels increase mist infection rates within their range.
•Citadels prevent your soldiers from resting within their range (permanent nightmares).
Pandoran Research Points
•Use the existing evolution points system.
o Pandorans gain a daily amount or research.
o Bonus for losing a mission.
o Bonus for losing bases.
•Add some more effects. (E.g. Bonus for each haven in mist).