The problems we want to resolve:
•Base discovery is random, and they're not always usefully positioned.
•Exploration can become repetitive, and bases have little impact on it.
Our broad solution
•The player will know the location of other Phoenix bases, and they can be activated remotely or by aircraft.
- The first couple of bases can be activated remotely, with the AIs taking control.
- Subsequent bases may be "infested" and the player has to send a squad to clear the base of Pandorans / bandits / Forsaken / Pure.
- An activated base may have some facilities, but they would all need repair.
•Why these changes?
- Gives the player a strategic choice. He can start building a base in an area he wants to defend or explore.
- Also allows for better strategic positioning for repairing, resting and healing.
- Removes the randomness from the base acquisition.
- The bases also become a key factor in exploration.
Bases and Exploration
•When an uplink in a base is built or repaired it begins scanning with increasing range, revealing sites as it expands.
•Pandoran bases (as well as scavenging, haven and exploration sites), are located this way.
- The player still has to explore each individual site to see what it is.
Organic Exploration
•Reintroduce the old organic exploration system.
- Contacting a haven will reveal nearby havens and scavenging sites. (Biased towards havens of the same faction.)
•Remove the active scanning altogether.
Why make these changes?
•It’s easier for the player to manage.
•The focus on base-level scanning and organic exploration complement each other.
•Bases become more important, especially for finding Pandoran bases.
•Current exploration gives too many choices.