As the game progresses, the mist should acquire new properties, their rate of appearance and number determined by the difficulty level (so, for example, limb regrowth should only appear on the higher difficulty levels, and on lower difficulty levels mist should have no more than 2-3 properties, each one appearing after a long period of time).
The idea is that as time progresses each new mist property has a random chance (possibly influenced by player's behavior) of appearing. These properties can be further organized in Tiers, with the Tier 1 properties being the easier to handle by the player and the Tier 3/4 the hardest.
Also, there should be a low-tier Chiron and low-tier Arthon that can launch mist bombs.
Some ideas on new mist properties:
  • Rolling mist: the mist moves each turn in a random direction determined at the start of the mission.
  • Dampening mist: units inside the mist don't make any sound (no red ping appears when they move or shoot) and they are unaffected by sound attacks (War Cry, Sonic Boom grenades).
  • Sticky mist: starting the turn inside the mist reduces mobility of humans by half, and running through it costs twice as many movement points
  • Hallucinogenic mist: Mist generates fake enemies that are indistinguishable from real ones, but can't hurt the player. They disappear after one turn.
  • Thick mist: human perception and accuracy inside the mist reduced by 50%
  • Regenerative mist: disabled body parts of Pandoran units and mutated body parts of humans restored with 20% of their HPs
  • Healing mist: Pandoran units and humans with mutations heal 100HPs per turn inside the mist.
  • Detox mist: removes paralysis and cures poison (from Pandorans and humans).
  • Oppressing mist: humans who start the turn inside the mist, or use abilities while on a tile covered by mist have WP cost of abilities doubled.