Following up on Voland's thread about the ease of killing the Scylla (, Voland’s idea that she has an Achilles Heel that you can only reach by blowing off its protection is a good one.
Say her heart is hidden behind her Carapace. First, you have to blow off her carapace (the most heavily armoured part of her), then you have to position yourself so that you can see her heart, which can only be targeted from certain angles (mainly her very dangerous front). Then you have to take out her heart.
Suddenly, dealing with the Queen becomes a tactical game of cat and mouse. RB, Armour Break etc still matter, because you’ll need to take out her most dangerous tactical abilities in order to position yourself to take her down safely (I do that anyway - if she has Scream or Goo, her Head is the first thing that goes). But you can no longer simply sit back on your baseline, get our your cigar, shout: “Pull!” and wait for the Turkey to come lumbering out of the trap.