The change that levels give 20 skill points but doing missions 10 per mission creates certain unbalances that I have noticed after doing 2 full campaigns after that patch on Legendary difficulty.
In both my campaigns as I reached late and end game my #1 team had enough skill points to freely multiclass and then max out all stats. By the time I reached last mission all 9 guys had 50 to 100 extra points that I had nothing to spend into. This team was god like compared to what I used to finish the game before this patch.
In comparison, the 2nd team that spend their life in training center until lvl 7 had such pathetic amount of skill points they were only able to take most of their single class skills and had almost nothing left to put into stats making them about 3x weaker than my Team #1.
This was not good for the balance or the flow of the game.
So I propose that this is changed slightly.
  1. Levels should give 30 skill points instead of 20
  2. Each successful mission should give 5 skill points instead of 10
These two changes would fix both problems. Trained guys would come out useful but not as powerful before the patch and late/end game teams would not get such huge amount of skill points that lets them freely multiclass, pick all possible skills and then also max out all stats.